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After looking through many different blogs I finally picked one. I found Caloy’s Sports Blog. One of the posts talked about the cancelation of the first two weeks of the NBA season. The post simply states that the NBA owners and the players association haven’t come close to an agreement and the first two weeks of the season have been canceled. It also states that many jobs will be affected by the work stoppage. I chose this blog becuase first of all it’s a sports blog and most importantly it’s discussing the NBA lockout.

Another blog that I found was  It’s by L.A.W.  In this blog the blogger speaks about how in the next ten years many public school teachers will be set for retirement and who will follow behind them. It also talks about how the salaries of teachers should be higher and what things should be considered to get a higher salary.

These two blogs were good. They addressed the topic of discussion and they got straight to the point. In the first blog i think that the blogger could have given you a little more background on the NBA lockout just for the people who don’t know much about it but other than that these two blogs were set up pretty nice.


NBA Labor Dispute

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The National basketball Association or Nba for short has been locked out since July 1st at 12:01 A.M. The owners of the leagues teams say that they lost so much money during the past few seasons that something must be changed. As of the previous seasons money has been split 57% to the players and 43% to the owners. Not to mention that most owners are already billionaires, I think its funny how they complain about money. The lockout has been going on for over 100 days and it looks as if there is no end in sight. With the first 2 weeks of the season canceled lets wait and see how much professional basketball we get to see this year.

Helpful Suggestions

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The review was very helpful. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes the writer can’t see them but it helps a lot to have someone review the paper before you have to submit it because they might find mistakes that “you” as the writer can’t see. I don’t think that there is a least helpful thing but it’s the fact that the person reviewing and editing the paper is also a student. Not to say that they won’t have effective comments or suggestions but that they may know just as much as you about what it takes to write a good paper or maybe even less than you. The peer review was already very beneficial to me as a writer and the only thing that could make it better was if the instructor was the person reviewing it.  Simply because he/she is the only person who knows exactly what their looking for. Even though you get a rubric and it tells you what to include in your paper the instructor created that rubric and he/she is the only person that knows exactly what he/she wants.

Racism or Just Plain Crazy

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On August 30, 2011 in Lafayette, Indiana, Elree Jones was standing in a convenience store while talking on his cell phone, all of a sudden a man came in the store and began stabbing him. Mr. Jones was stabbed multiple times in his right arm as he tried to fight off the man. The tip of his thumb was severed and he has a deep cut that runs diagnally across the right side of his face.Mr. Jones had no idea why this was happening until he heard some ugly words and he then knew why he was the victim of this crime. “I’m going to kill this n*****,” is what the assailant screamed as he chased Mr. Jones out of the store. Thanks to surveillance video the assailant was identified as Mark Neal, 50. Mr. Neal also a resident of Lafayette was arrested and charged with aggrevated battery, he is now being held $12,500 bond.

This topic interested me for three reasons. The first reason was because I find it amusing that after the civil rights movement and even having a black president, racism still exists in our society today. The second reason is because I’ve experienced racism personally so I feel as if I could somewhat relate to the article. The third and final reason was because from 2000-2002 I lived in Lafayette, Indiana and while I was there I never seen racism or experienced it so to see an African American man experience it there hit too close to home.

Objective Summary

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The objective summary wasn’t a hard assignment but it was tedious at times. The easy part was summarizing it. It was very easy to put it in my own words. The hard part was understanding what I read. It wasn’t hard to comprehend but the essay that I read had many legal terms which I didn’t understand so that made it tougher to summarize but once I found out what the words meant the summary was very simple. I believe that we use objective summaries in our everyday life. We use them to tell people about movies, books and even television series. We also use them to let people know what event they missed.

Hello World

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My name is Brandon Lottie but most people just call me Lottie because Brandon is such a common name. I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. I went to Morgan Park High School. I’m a sophomore here at Northern Illinois University and ever since I got to college my favorite hobby is sleeping. I like to play almost all sports but my favorites are basketball and football.

Thanks for reading.